What is the Difference Between Anal Hooks and Butt Plugs?

At the risk of upsetting proponents of the sex toy as “a simple tendency to sell batteries and paper” although the use of sex toys far outpaces the invention of paper: most modern tools no longer use batteries, which dispenses with the joke null on the “sex-with-piles”, and it turns out that by disqualifying this industry, we also disqualify forms of pleasure which is always a pity.

Fashion has lasted 30,000 years, and now brings in $ 15 billion a year. Studies are contradictory as to the number of users, and France is rather lagging with barely a quarter of the couples concerned. To cut the pear in half without cutting his hair in four: at least half of us would have already tried the experiment, buyers would be two-thirds of the time, men , a little more often in couple than single at the time for the desperate user myth.

What sex toy do you need?

Why do we have to talk about sex toys? Why should the world have sex pages as much as cooking or travel pages? What to choose in the battle of Anal hooks vs butt plugs? Not just for the economic, political, cultural, artistic implications that play out in this niche. Not only because any scientific innovation is used in the sex toy in four seconds, had shower included for proof, the surge of sex toy connected. But above all, the sex toy weighs heavily, very heavy, in sexual satisfaction – so in marital happiness, so in the stability of society.


A vibrator will connect different forms of pleasure

One example among many: most heterosexual interactions rely on vaginal stimulation, while most women will enjoy clitoral stimulation. A vibrator will connect these different forms of pleasure. It’s simple and it works.


What sex toy do you need?

You probably know how you would like to enjoy and enjoy. The term “sex toy” is much more than penis-like: this category includes jewelry, creams, feather dusters, ropes, chains, sheets, as much as classic dildos or prostate stimulators. Before you jump on the most obvious options, those inspired by the human body, sex lovers recommend you to search your shop online or real in its most specific categories because yes, the sex toy can replace a hand or a mouth but it can also provide sensations that another human body cannot imitate.

And there, it becomes interesting: when the sex toy is not only dedicated to compensate or add pleasure, but becomes discovery or script element. for example of the vibration try with your fingers, that we laugh, the effects of hot-cold, mini-electric shocks, costumes, stresses, or the penetration of the male urethra. Do you want to immerse yourself in the body of the other lubricant will be your favorite sex toy, or, conversely, to transcend your body shell.

See this collection of inflatable plugs: https://loveplugs.co/collections/inflatable-butt-plugs

The more expensive it is, the better

To start, let’s talk budget. Sex toys obey the same laws of the market as cars or computers; it is difficult to get much in return for little. A vibrator at 2 euros does not vibrate. A pair of plastic handcuffs is rarely worth a pair of comfortable, adjustable leather handcuffs. Take the time to observe the rates: if anything seems oddly below the market average, trust your instincts. What you do not pay in hard currency, you will lose power, flexibility, ease of reloading.

The most likely to get a disappointing, mediocre sex toy this will end its short existence to take the dust in a closet which can hardly be considered a good investment. Without wanting to depress the morale of households, and without any financial interest in this story: the more expensive it is the better.

Do things seriously. Drop ducks, infantilizing designs, pink wasted stuffs, strawberry-flavored body oils tagada: especially if it’s a first purchase, you’ll disgust yourself with the sex toy – even though it’s about a possible wealth in your marriage or in your masturbations. Agree to play the game, or let down!

A good sex toy marries your internal geography

Now, a little ergonomics: You are obviously free to use cucumbers, bananas or split peas according to your greed for anal or vaginal penetration, but the sex toy, although paid, has a clear advantage over perishable: it is thought for its use. At least when it is thought that is, when it does not come from an industrialist employing Chinese children and toxic raw materials.

You may enjoy each year statistics of sexual accidents do not be shy, have the same cute sin: stories of stuck cans, forgotten pens, bottles of shampoo decomposed. It is rare that a sex toy hangs.

Trust your common sense and specific anatomy

As for anal pleasure, a brand will espouse your internal geography. It is important. The same goes for the difference between a Magic Wand (the clitoral star of two years ago) and a Womanizer (the new star): the two work well, except that a Magic Wand crushes the clitoris when the Womanizer comes to wrap up which changes everything, especially in daily use. If you want a brand that sells quality toys, buy anal plugs from loveplugs.

If you hesitate between two sizes, take the smallest

The best way to make a purchase is to trust professionals, which is the business, and not a subsidiary income. In the mid-range, you can consume with the eyes closed the products of the Japanese (Tenga: FlipHole for men, Iroha for women), Swedes (Lelo) and Germans (Fun Factory). For prostate massage, Aneros will cover your needs and your rear. If you have a lot of money, search the Londoners Coco-de-Mer (and make a donation to your sex columnist). Ultra-connected will love the We-Vibe range.

Finally before taking out the blue card trust your common sense and your specific anatomy, more than critical reviews online. If you hesitate between two sizes, take the smallest but if you’re hesitating between more or less powerful products, take the most powerful. And even if you want to spend a little money, go straight to a physical store, where you can usually test on your hands! Before buying know finally that online shopping comes in discreet packaging: promised, we will say nothing. But you will tell me some news. Good hunt!

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