What is a butt plug?

Butt plugs are often used by sex toy newcomers as a way to start their sex toy adventure. The most common function of butt plugs is to practice relaxing the anal muscles (or sphincter muscles) – that ease penetration and help increase pleasure your anal sex. Butt plugs can be used during solo play, to practice anal play on your own and become familiar with putting things up your behind, or can they can also be used as part of foreplay with a partner. Loosening up prior to penetration with an anal plug can ease the experience and make it more pleasurable. With an anal trainer kit, you can begin by using the smallest plug, and increase the size as you open up and relax.


What are the different types of butt plugs?

Butt plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some have curved tips for direct prostate massage, while others have a more traditional shape. Often, butt plugs come in a set of various sizes so you can gradually train yourself to accommodate increasing amounts of penis during actual sex, or simply enjoy the selling of fullness during solo stimulation.


Can I choose a sex toy based on my sensation?

Yes. If you’ve never purchased a sex toy think about what kind of sensations you enjoy and how you want to use a sex toy. For example, if you’re shopping for a vibrator, do you like internal or external stimulation or both simultaneously? Thick or thin? Curved for the G-spot or smooth and straight? So basically, know where you want to put it and how you want it to feel.


What are some more ways I can choose which sex toy to buy?

  • Pre-game on the web. For those of you that would rather dip your toe in the pool before diving in, you can read reviews of sex toys online. Maybe don’t Google “dildo,” though. If you’re the kind of shopper who likes to research purchases, there are a couple of ways to do that. Customer reviews on store websites like ales4autism.org and user reviews in media outlets [can] give you an idea of the merits and experiences of others with certain toys. You can also do some online searching for blogs that review sex toys.
  • Please DO touch. See something interesting, but still not sure? Don’t be afraid to pick it up and give it a test spin on (your hand! For the love of god, just on your hand!). One of the great advantages to swallowing your pride and buying in-store as opposed to online is that many shops have test toys on display that are meant to be fondled. Go ahead and grope! Again, with your hand
  • Consider the material. If you’re slightly neurotic (like me) or Jewish (like half of me), you’re probably going to want to understand what these things are made of before you go sticking them in and around your body. There are generally six basic materials from which sex toys are made: glass, wood, metal, hard plastic, jelly (rubber and PVC), and silicone. Each material has its own unique advantages, depending on your preferences.


How to use a butt plug?

Butt plug use is not complicated. You can’t however simply jam a butt plug up your ass and expect it to be a pleasurable experience. It requires forethought and preparation. It is always a good idea to clean you ass before anal play. This avoids any unexpected accidents. Though its rare, it can be an embarrassing experience if you are playing with a partner. Good hygiene is always a good idea. Taking a shower prior to sex, especially if you recently passed a bowel movement is always good practice. An anal douche can be helpful, but it is not necessary. Avoid using soap directly in your ass: a nasty itch tends to develop due to the sensitive nature of the skin in the region.


How do you insert a butt plug?

Start by rubbing lube on the generous amount outside of your hole. Put some lube on your figure, and gradually with mild pressure press your figure into your bum hole. This will begin the process of loosening up your anus, and lubricate the inside of your anus. A lube injector can be helpful as well.

Next lube up your sex toy, and place it at the entrance of your butt. Teasing your bum a little before penetration can help build excitement and increase pleasure.

Push the toy upward into your ass, gently, with mild pressure. Flex your anal muscles as you push the plug in. This will help you relax as the butt plugs goes deeper into your ass.

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