If You’re Still Not Using a Sex Toy, Read This

It’s been years since the first adult toys graced the lives of regular people. We’ve been using them for so long now that it’s almost impossible to imagine some form of sexual intercourse without their helping hand. From ancient, somewhat primitive dildos to revolutionary vibrators of the 20th century, our bond with adult toys is almost inseparable.


However, some folks are still reluctant to try them out. Whether it’s due to the lack of knowledge or social stigmas and taboos, they’re definitely missing out on some of the best carnal experiences out there. But what if we say they’re wrong? Bear with us, please.


In case you’re one of the few people not using adult products these days, our article will aim to guide you through the ins and outs of these pervy gadgets and devices. We’ll let you in on a couple of rock-solid reasons and tips for using sex toys, as well as tell you why it’s such a smart idea to try them. You won’t regret it, believe us.

They Improve Your Sex Life

The first and obvious thing we should talk about is what sex toys can bring to your private life. Well, it’s simple. These toys, gadgets, and devices can turn it upside down, increasing the levels of pleasure in ways you couldn’t even imagine. But how, you ask?


Most folks who don’t use toys think that they are for single people only. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, they can be great if you’re lonesome and looking for some kinky action. But in reality, sex toys are for couples too.


Even the simplest sex shop product can be handy when you’re intimate with your partner. Whether you’re looking to prepare for anal sex or incorporate double penetration, you can use both butt plugs and penis replicas to enrich the overall sensation.


Nevertheless, it’s key to talk about toys with your lover if they’re not aware of your desires. Sex toys are at their best when they add to your bedroom action, not when they replace one of the partners. And if the two of you opt to try them out, you’ll be on your way to new fantasies and fetishes in no time.

They Are Good for Your Self-Confidence

Aside from improving your sex life, adult toys can be pretty useful to help you understand how your body works. What we mean by this is that while using them, you’ll be able to understand what feels good and what doesn’t.


That can help you prepare yourself before you engage in something new with an actual human by your side. From exploring and preparing your anus for anal sex to finding your G-spot, sex toys are competent on so many levels.


Therefore, once you do get the hang of what’s for you, it can up your self-confidence and allow you to freely explore carnal pleasures. In some ways, sex toys are keys to the gates that guard the vast world of deviant sexuality and pleasure.

They Improve Your Intimacy and Relationship With Your Partner

It’s not uncommon for many couples to lose that special something after years of being together. This is so common nowadays that it leads to unhappiness and adultery. However, with the introduction of a sex toy, the two can pave the way back to their old, horny lifestyle. In case you’re in this type of relationship, you should give them a chance. 

Since toys aren’t just for single people, couples who’re having a bad time can use them to make up for the lack of excitement in the bedroom. Whether they opt for cock rings and dominance/submission scenarios, or they get anal beads, it doesn’t matter. The whole shtick is to improve intimacy and your relationship while using them.

They’re Scientifically Made for Your Satisfaction

One thing that confuses people who’re unfamiliar with sex toys is their designs. Most toys do not resemble real penises and other parts of the human body, but that’s not the point. You can easily find toys that perfectly match veiny dongs if you like. Yet, the thing that makes them so great is they’re more about performance than looks.


Their sometimes bland design is more about how it feels inside you. Manufacturers are always looking at the human anatomy to offer users a better experience. Hence, some of the best clit toys — rabbit vibrators, for example — will have quirky add-ons that look like actual rabbit ears. Their purpose is to stimulate the clitoris while the rest of the toy is going in and out of your vagina. And believe it or not, they’re pretty good at it.

They Help You Sleep Better

It’s a well-known fact that sex has numerous health benefits on our body. One of the most important things it does is releasing “happy hormones.” Two of these chemicals are oxytocin and endorphin. With their release, our bodies are in a better position to relax and relieve stress. This, in turn, allows us to go to sleep earlier and have more rest.


That said, picture yourself coming home from a hard day at work. You’re exhausted, anxious, and emotionally wrecked. But if you choose to pick up your sex toy and use it, you’ll quickly forget about all your troubles as you reach an orgasm. No matter what toy, you can turn the situation in your favor, at least for some time.

They Aid in Managing Sexual Dysfunction

Unfortunately, some men and women face serious problems when it comes to sexual pleasure. Either due to physical predispositions or previous trauma, they can’t have a normal intimate relationship with another person. One of the ways doctors try to treat sexual dysfunction is by prescribing the use of sex toys.


The idea is to explore what feels comfortable for you when masturbating. Once you do, you can try it out with an actual partner if you’re having trouble with sexual dysfunction. In a way, this ties in with what we’ve talked about self-confidence. Most dysfunction problems come from your subconscious inability to enjoy a sexual act. So, if you find a way to overcome that while alone, you will surely do it in the company of someone else.

They Give You Quicker, More Effective Orgasms

In case you didn’t know, orgasms are more than just a powerful feeling. They’re closely connected with both your physical and sexual health. What we mean by this is the fact that they help our immune system, release stress, and keep our coronary system in mint condition. So, what’s the easiest way to reach a climax? Using sex toys!


Some studies suggest that more than 70% of women can’t reach an orgasm through regular penetrative sex. Moreover, results show that almost 50% of women who’ve participated in various scientific studies faked an orgasm at least once in their life. These are some serious numbers. If you find yourself in these numbers, you should do something about the lack of satisfaction in your sex life.


Luckily, with the use of sex toys, your chances to bite your lips and cross your toes while passionately moaning are almost certain. With proper vaginal, anal, and clitoral stimulation, you’ll soon come twice as hard and more regular than before. And no, these aren’t some bald claims. These are facts.

They Help Boost Your Libido

Similar to how they can help with stress and anxiety, sex toys can help you lift your libido from six feet under. While using them, women will improve their natural lubrication, vaginal elasticity, and most importantly, blood flow in the genital area. No matter if you use a “Magic Wand” or a tiny bullet vibrator, you can rejuvenate your sexual desire.


The reason behind this claim is that once you’ve begun to experience orgasms regularly, you’ll begin to crave sex more on a subconscious level. Your body will understand what feels good so well that it will whisper kinky thoughts to you all the time. But don’t be afraid — you won’t become a nymphomaniac if you weren’t one before.

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