Travelling While Using Butt Plugs: The Ultimate Guide

Using a butt plug can lead to sensational, anal experiences and fantastic orgasms. It’s also a great toy to explore anal and pregnancy sex. If you have had little or no experience with a butt plug so far, it might be difficult to make the right choice. There are an infinite number of species that you might find irritating. If you decide to buy a butt plug, you’ll need to consider a few key features to get the perfect start with using a butt plug. In case you are addicted of using butt plugs you should choose the best butt plug for long time wear.

The Butt Plug is one of the best sex tools specially made for anal sex and should be used especially for careful preparation for anal intercourse. If you have little or no experience with anal sex practices so far, the gemstone-studded butt plug from Boutique could be the right sex toy for you.

A little tip to you: Start small. With a small anal plug, the sphincter can get used to the anal toy. Then you can try something bigger with “small anal plug” models, with a diameter of 2 to 3.5 centimeters. Like the gemstone butt plug from adult Boutique.

You can also choose a silicone butt plug. A silicone butt plug is ideal for beginners because the material is soft, flexible and easy to clean. Especially as a silicone model is perfect for safe insertion. If you are already sure about the size, a butt plug set would be the best option. There are often 3 butt plugs in many sets, each with different diameters. In this way you can always use a bigger one. In addition, a set is cheaper in price than if you buy several butt plugs separately.

The three-piece Butt Plug Set by sex shops

Once you have chosen something, you can leave the rest to your imagination. Follow our hands-on instructions and we guarantee that you will experience a top experience.

How to use Butt Plugs?

Step 1: Water-based or anal oil-based lubricants are a must-have. The anus is not hydrated, unlike the vagina. Put some gel or oil on your fingers and rub the anus in a circular motion. This will allow you to import the butt plug easily and less sexually painful. Your partner will certainly be happy to assist you.

Step 2: Insert it gently and carefully remove it again. Do not force anything! You will soon realize that a butt plug can feel great. Now, learn new sex positions.

Step 3: After the lovemaking, the hygiene of your butt plug is very important. Needless to say, there are many bacteria in the intestine that would burden your toy. For your health and the long-lasting maintenance of the Butt Plug, cleaning afterward is extremely important.

Can I keep it?

You can keep the butt plug for a period of about 30 minutes to a few hours. Nevertheless, we recommend lubricating with the lubricant at least every hour. In this way, you will not feel uncomfortable. Be aware that the sphincter is a muscle and can stretch. If you wear a butt plug for a long time, the sphincter becomes looser. Give enough time for the anus to return to its “natural state” as if you are masturbating for a cause.

Butt plug vibrators

Many people will not think about a beginner’s toy with an anal vibrator. Still, the vibrating model is definitely worth a try! Your sphincter makes an effort reflexively when you try to bring it in. Usually, it will work with patience, time and a relaxed feeling. A butt plug vibrator can help.

The vibrations make the muscles relax around your anus, making it easier and faster to use the vibrator. We also recommend starting with a small model. For example, try the powerful jelly butt plug. You have tried a butt plug which is ideal for beginners. You are welcome to tell us your tips, your experience, or if are confronting issues.

Anal sex toys are specially designed for sex through the back door and therefore promise an extra pleasure. There are both sex toys such as the butt plug, which serve to prepare for the following traffic, as well as anal sex toys such as dildos and vibrators, which are primarily intended for stimulation.

Anal sex toys in preparation for anal intercourse

Especially if you have little or no experience with anal sex, a so-called butt plug can help to slightly stretch the anus and facilitate the later penetration of the penis. This anal sex toy usually has a slightly wider conical tip. On the market but also round anal plugs are available. Which of them have the right shape for you, you have to decide for yourself. In case of doubt you should rather use a conical anal plug. Its shape makes it easier to insert. All plugs have in common that they are thinner at the shaft and at the bottom again wider. This shape ensures that the butt plug does not completely disappear in the intestine or can accidentally slip out. The most common are butt plugs made of stretchy jelly or silicone.

Dangers of anal sex toys

If you enjoy this form of anal stimulation, you can wear the anal plug once, without preparing for anal intercourse. Since most plugs have very flat feet, they are hardly noticeable even under clothing. Also for stretching the anus, an inflatable dildo can be used. This is gradually increased manually using a hand pump. By the way, you do not need to worry about the scary stories circulating on the internet. The sphincter is a very robust muscle. If you stretch it gently, it will not be damaged, nor will it widen over time.

Pure pleasure with anal sex toys in love act

Even if you do not want anal sex, anal sex toys can be used with pleasure. The anus is a very erogenous zone due to its many nerve endings. The stimulation with anal sex toys can spice up and intensify the normal lovemaking. Special dildos such as the anal chain can intensify orgasm if they are quickly removed from the anus shortly before. Because in this sex toy, thicker balls alternate with narrower spaces and thus have a particularly stimulating effect on fast in and out movements.

You can check out loveplugs to browse around their collection of butt plugs for men, women, fancy princess plugs and many more to choose from.

Anal sex toys for men

Also for the man there are different anal sex toys. Anal stimulation works not only with women, but especially with men. Dildos for men can not only stimulate the anus with their curved shape, but also provide for a stimulation of the prostate, which also allows the man more intense orgasms and completely unknown experiences.

Cleaning of anal sex toys

The cleaning of the anal sex toys is not very complicated beyond that. Since hardly any debris remains in the rectum, it is completely sufficient to clean them after use. Decocting or disinfecting is not necessary, even if some manufacturers advertise that their anal sex toys survives even such cleaning procedures unscathed.

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