Why Wear a Butt Plug

hey uh my name is Euphemia and i’m here

to talk to you about why you might want
to try out a buck so I think there are
three really good reasons why you might
want to explore a butt plug one is that
it can be really great intro into
buttplate because let’s be honest we
have a lot of butt former it can be kind
of intimidating so using a butt plug
during sex can be a great way to magnify
pleasure and some bugs that might be
useful for that is something that’s
vibrating which can really bring a lot
of pleasure on its own but also magnify
the pleasure that you’re feeling in
other parts of your body and this is the
novice which is vibrating the smaller
size in the range it also comes with a
remote control so you’re not bending
over fumbling feeling like a fool or you
can potentially also try the enjoy plug
this is also the smallest in the size
and it’s got a lot of weight to it
because it’s stainless still it can be a
great way to feel really excited about
your butt and also just explore pleasure
magnification as much as possible
another good reason why you might want
to explore wearing a butt plug is making
boring things fun or elation in the
everyday where you can actually just
wear a butt plug to work to go out of
the house to the shops maybe to go
dancing maybe to do boring things like
getting your taxes done where you can
wear these they won’t necessarily bring
you to orgasm on their own but they can
just make your butt feel really great
and you excited about your body as
you’re moving through your day and it
can be really great to get the shape
like this where you’re focusing on the
prostate or just to put weight this one
is the snug plug which has a bit of
weight in it and they can put go on the
sphincters so there are a couple of
options otherwise the third reason you
might want to explore butt plugs is
potentially to explore the prostate so
the prostate actually sits right next to
the rectum and people who have prostates
they will sit just next to the rectum
the best way to pleasure the prostate is
through the rectal wall the most direct
way so people who do have prostates then
any of the curved butt plugs can be
really great for putting pressure on
that front wall towards the belly button
and arousing the prostate which can
potentially give you multiple orgasms
without any ejaculation from the penis
or any refractory period I mean what an
amazing incentive so they’re the three
reasons why you might want to explore
but pugs
one is good and true entry into anal
play second is elation in the everyday
or making boring things fun and the
third is exploring the prostate more but
not failure so you have to use really
big toys to do it let us know how you go
and if you have any questions otherwise
have fun and see you soon

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