Why Wear a Butt Plug

1. Butt Plugs Get You Comfortable With Stimulating Your Anus

First question: Does your anus want to be comfortable with stimulation? Honestly, you never know until you actually give it a try. If you’re just getting started with anal play, butt plugs are an amazing way to get comfortable with the sensation of stimulating your backside. We suggest you start with a small butt plug, then work your way up to bigger ones — both in length and girth.


2. Yes, Your Anus Nerves Just Might Want To Be Stimulated

Because it’s hard to say for sure, as no one knows what they’re into until the try it, but considering the different sensation that comes with stimulating all those nerves, you might just find that anal play offers you the feeling you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Butt plugs are wonderful all on their own, because the anus has tons of pleasurable nerve endings. To really stimulate these nerves, We’d recommend a vibrating butt plug — something that will provide multiple modes of stimulation while simultaneously allowing your muscles to relax for increased pleasure


3. They Can Lead To Better Orgasms

If you have a vagina and think that you only have two possible orgasms you can experience — clitoral or vaginal (G-spot) — think again. Anyone can enjoy more than one kind of orgasm thanks to stimulating different parts of the body. People with vaginas can experience orgasms from all kinds of play, including anal. Many women report having their most powerful orgasms from anal penetration. One benefit, depending on position, is that the vagina and clitoris can be within easy reach for even more attention.


4. Anyone Can Enjoy Them

If you have a butt, then you can use a butt plug. And everyone has a butt. One of the great things about anal play is that folks with any genitalia can enjoy it. The sensations and experiences that feel good to you have nothing to do with your sexual orientation or gender. It’s kind of like how the food that you enjoy is a totally different question than who you want to have dinner with.


5. It Can Change Your Vaginal Canal

Something that adds to the enjoyment of butt plugs is the effect it can have on the vagina. For those who have a vulva, butt plugs can actually alter the width of the vagina canal. For some people, this makes the simultaneous penetration of the vagina feels extra pleasurable. Play around with different sizes and shapes to see what feels best. While having your vagina penetrated at the same time as wearing a butt plug might seem a little daunting in theory, in reality (We can assure you), it feels really intense and satisfying.


6. There Are Variations That Provide Different Sensations

It should be noted that butt plugs aren’t the only anal toys that have their benefits. Anal beads, which are pretty much a longer and bulbous version of butt plugs, can also feel great. Anal beads are usually either a graduated or uniform set of round beads separated by space, all attached to one long wand. They can be inserted up to the receiver’s comfort level and either left in while other play happens, or gently inserted and removed rhythmically. Or, if your partner has a prostate, you can blow their mind right before they climax.


7. People With A Prostate Can Feel Something Totally New

Although the penis can definitely provide a person who has it with some fantastic pleasure, the prostate can do the same — but in a different way. For those with a prostate, butt plugs — especially those that vibrate — can stimulate the prostate directly and sometimes lead to orgasm. This is an incredible way to experience a new dimension of pleasure, especially if you’re only used to experimenting with your penis and not your anus. And, if sex is about anything, it’s exploration and experimentation with different parts of the body and how it reacts to different toys, techniques, sensations, temperatures — all of it.


8. They Can Be A Stepping Stone To Anal Sex

If you’ve been thinking about giving anal sex a try, then there’s no greater benefit to butt plugs than letting them take you a step closer to it. Butt plugs are a great start to anal play. They come in a variety of sizes and materials and offer a lot of control for beginners. Also, they can be left in place while vaginal penetration happens. Butt plugs are usually tapered and shaped for optimal insertion. They come with a nifty handle for manipulation.

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