A Practical Guide In Choosing a Clitoris Pump

At first glance this erotic accessory can surprise and the final rendering of the vulva after use also. But this is only to give you new sensations and more pleasure. Expert tells you all about using a vaginal pump.

Why use a vaginal pump?

The purpose of a vaginal pump is to dilate the tissues and to bring blood to the level of the vulva and the clitoris through a vacuum. This action makes the skin much more sensitive, which will inevitably give you unique sensations.

Each caress will be increased tenfold, each vibration an even more intense pleasure… If you have trouble reaching orgasm, the vaginal pump is the sex toy you need !

The pump consists of two parts. One in the shape of a hand pear with a hose and the other in the shape of a cup. It is enough to affix the second on the vaginal part then to pump using the pear to create the vacuum of air.

Rest assured, the inflated effect of the pump is only temporary, and after a few hours, your flower will have returned to its normal appearance. But while waiting, do not hesitate to associate a vibrator with your activities to chain the orgasms and the feelings of pleasure.

Gentlemen, did you know that the penetration of a swollen sex brings you a different feeling? It is an impression of permanent contraction of the vagina. Real happiness isn’t it? The vagina pump can be used alone or as a couple, offering maximum pleasure to partners.

The pump is also a substitute for cunnilingus. The feeling is close, but is much more intense due to the more powerful suction of the pump.


  • Pressure pump for the vagina
  • Feminine pleasure
  • Material: ABS plastic and silicone
  • Dimensions Cup: 7 cm interior length x 5 cm width, height: 4.5 cm
  • flexible 30 cm (from bell to pear) and 1 cm in diameter
  • pump 8 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter
  • Phthalate free
  • Pink color

How to properly use a vaginal pump?

The use in itself is not very complicated, here are 8 steps to follow to have an orgasm for sure.

  1. Lubricate the outer edges of the pump with a water-based lubricant that you will find on your store. This lubrication will allow you to create a tight seal to prevent air from escaping.
  2. The safety valve located under the pump bulb must only let the air out
  3. Place the suction cup of the vagina pump on the desired area. Some pumps cover the entire vagina and others are made only for the clitoris. This will therefore depend on your new toy.
  4. Keep one hand on the suction cup to hold me in place, and squeeze the pear until you feel the suction effects.
  5. The suction cup must hold only under the effect of suction and must not be able to be removed except obviously by pulling on the skin. The idea now is for the pump to stand on its own. If not, keep holding it with one hand and pumping with the other.
  6. Squeeze and release the bulb until you feel and see the dilation of your vulva in the suction cup. This feeling may seem strange and impressive the first time. But this must in no case be painful.
  7. When the skin of your vulva is against the suction cup, you will know that you will no longer be able to pump. Then press the safety valve under the bulb and let the air into the suction cup. This action will allow you to gently remove the vaginal pump and discover your vulva and clitoris.
  8. Now it’s up to you. Caress, kiss, licking or sex toys. Use what you want to discover even more intense sensations that were previously unknown.

This clitoral pump is ideal for increasing the sensitivity of the clitoris, but also of the nipples. The vacuum effect it generates makes it possible to aspirate the clitoris or the nipple inside the acrylic cylinder and thus to increase the blood flow towards the stimulated area. Once the cylinder is detached, the clitoris or nipple will be much more sensitive to caresses, licks and other stimulation.

The operation of this intimate suction system could not be simpler: just place the transparent cylinder on the clitoris or the nipple, then press the suction bulb to obtain a suction effect. Each press of the bulb increases the intensity of the suction. The end of the bulb has a vacuum button, allowing you to release or reduce the pressure at any time.

For greater comfort of use, the acrylic cylinder can be detached from the pumping system, without loss of suction.

For an intense and pleasant experience, it is recommended using this clitoral pump with a water-based lubricant. Make sure to clean the pump and its accessories well before and after each use.

Why do you need a vacuum pump?

Lack of regular sex leads to various problems. Among them are: weakening of intimate muscles, loss of sensitivity and brightness of sensations during orgasm.

No need to be shy about this device. If you want to keep yourself in good shape for a long time, while also receiving a pleasant sensation from sex, take care of your health today.

Types of Vacuum Pumps

The product does not harm your body. Even more – with it you will be able to feel fresh very exciting sensations, those waves will begin to spread through the body. In addition to the fact that products of this type are divided depending on the gender of the owner, they can be classified according to the principles of their action. Pumps can be used in the process of proximity between partners. For example, a product for ladies helps to relax more quickly. You only need to install your pump, start pumping air. At the same time, the muscles of the vagina of a woman will begin to feel pleasant stimulation. Important and preventive action strengthens the walls of the muscles, preserving their functionality.

Today, women’s vacuum pumps, as well as devices for the stronger sex, can have a number of accessories, among which are nozzles to increase pleasure. There are innovative products with a built-in vibrator. Such a sex toy can bring a woman to ecstasy! For a variety of premium vacuum pumps, you can click this link.

Some security points to remember:

1- If you feel the slightest discomfort, stop pumping immediately! The feeling is rather strange the first time, but in no way painful.

2- Do not pump too much. Pumping until you reach the maximum limit can injure you and damage the vaginal pump.

3-You can have sex or masturbate after using the pump, but be sure to use lubricant: the feeling of suction can cause vaginal dryness!

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