How Does a Prostate Massage Work?

Many men are ready for a horny prostate massage. The stimulation of the prostate is something very special. You can stimulate the prostate externally and rectally. Especially for men it is pleasant when you first feel the sex from the outside and see if the feeling of prostate stimulation like.

Tips for women for a prostate massage

The easiest way to test women is whether their men like stimulation of the prostate during oral sex or hand satisfaction. You can use best prostate butt plugs for better stimulation.

You can not feel the prostate from the outside, but if you press on the perineum, between the testicles and the anus, this can already trigger a feeling. It should be noted that it is only stimulating for the man, if he is also excited. You can directly touch the prostate if you introduce a finger anal. Of course you have to pay attention to the reaction of the partner. In the beginning, one should only gently insert the finger. Just as with anal sex, the anus must be stretched in men for prostate massage. If you continue to insert your fingers, you reach a small stroke after about 3-4 cm. In young men, the prostate is also sometimes not palpable. The prostate is located on the side of the testicles. So you have to palpate rectally to the side of the testicles. Here you can now rub the finger in a circular motion on the prostate. Some men like it even if you finger in and out.



Anglings is the oral stimulation of the anus. The partner stimulates the anus with the tongue on the outer area, or one penetrates with the tongue into the anus. Here are some tips for anglings .



There are people who can achieve orgasm by anal stimulation alone. Rectally many people are annoyed, so it is only a logical consequence that the anal stimulation can be aroused. Orgasm occurs in men mainly through the rectal stimulation of the prostate to conditions. In women, invading the anus stimulates the clitoris from the inside.

Even men have a G-spot, which can lead to explosive orgasm with proper stimulation. You can find out how it works here. In men, the G-spot is near the prostate and is considered particularly exciting. A small massage can already cause an explosive orgasm here. The only problem: The body can only be reached through the anus and is therefore often a taboo topic. There is, however, the possibility of external stimulation.

The direct prostate massage

In the area of ??the perineum and the prostate, many important nerves converge. They are particularly important for the control of erection, ejaculation and orgasm. Many men therefore enjoy a perinea massage, but refuse to stimulate the prostate. The pulsating feeling during the massage often leads to an incredible climax. If both partners agree with the massage, the condom and lubricant guarantee a painless penetration into the anus. Women should first cut their fingernails in order to stimulate perfectly. It is sufficient to penetrate five to seven centimeters, either with one or two fingers or a suitable sex toy, the palpation of the prostate is not easy. However, when the partner is aroused, they can easily be recognized by the swelling. The partner now presses her finger in the direction of the abdominal wall and starts the massage. A slight pressure and circular movements are already sufficient here.

The indirect prostate massage

In the case of indirect massage, the area between the penis and the scrotum is stimulated or massaged with a vibrator. Also the massage at the dam can be pleasant here. How much pressure is ultimately desired, must instruct the partner? In this variant, a massage of the prostate is also possible without problems after penetration. Greatest advantage for the men: no foreign body has to be introduced into the anus.

A prostate massage does not always have to have a sexual starting point; often a prostate massage can alleviate any problems with the prostate or even bring the problems to a close. A massage also helps with problems with urination, as the cause is often an enlarged prostate.

The prostate is the prostate of the man. As an exocrine gland, it does not release its secretions into the bloodstream but into the vas deferens. The prostate is located directly under the bladder and has about the size and shape of a chestnut. It can be reached through the urethra or through the rectum – the anal examination method being far more comfortable.

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate

As the patient ages, the prostate gland can become larger – although the disease can affect younger men as well. An enlarged prostate can lead to problems with urination or erectile dysfunction. Other symptoms of an enlarged prostate may include:

  • Weak urine stream, little “pressure on the line”
  • Urination is only possible in stages
  • Constant feeling of a full bladder, continuous urge to urinate
  • Frequent toilet visits – during the day as well as at night
  • Incontinence, involuntary urination
  • Burning or pain when urinating

The symptoms listed may also be indicative of a serious illness, so it is advisable to see a doctor if one or more symptoms persist. Because an enlargement of the prostate is in most cases, but not always, benign.

Where exactly does the prostate sit?

In theory it seems easy – but where exactly does the prostate sit? As mentioned above, the prostate sits directly under the bladder and is bounded by the intestine to the rear and the pubic syphilis to the front. The easiest way to reach the prostate through the anus, because it is located about 3-5 cm behind the intestinal exit. Properly stimulated and massaged, the prostate can trigger ultimate orgasms that cannot be compared to a “normal” orgasm, because it is not for nothing that the prostate is called the man’s G-spot.

However, many men are reluctant to try a prostate massage because of the prevailing opinion that anal sex is only for homosexuals – what a fatal miscalculation! Because actually, most men know it very well – anal sex is incredibly fun and is a really very exciting and sexy sexual variety. Most men have already had anal sex, of course, with a woman. And that’s perfectly fine, but please do not come to the male anus – no dildo and no plug.

Prostate massage and anal sex

Men do not need such a thing after all – they are the active part and not the passive one. Even the thought of it makes some men terrified, and not because they are afraid of possible pain, on the contrary. It is the thought that one could enjoy being filled in and feeling something in oneself. But that’s fine. It does not mean anything if you like anal sex, except that you broaden your horizons and are able to experience orgasms that you used to dream of. At the same time you train the prostate and thus reduce the risk of prostate disease or relieve existing complaints.

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